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For The Customers

We are a strip club deal and directory website focused on getting the best deals at the hottest strip clubs in the whole United States, and eventually, the world. We work closely with all the best and hottest strip clubs in the nation to get the best deals on strip clubs and female strippers for our customers. We have a working relationship with all of the strip clubs and are constantly working to get deals! We have exclusive deals to the top name strip clubs in your state.

Before you go to any strip club or if you are making plans for a bachelor party, birthday party, graduation party, or any event, visit The Strip Club Hookup to get free entry and a free gift or a discounted ticket on bottle service, VIP, lap dances and more. Our services do not cost you any extra money. In fact, you will save money using our services and it will cost you less for the same deal!

For The Club Owners

We have worked intensely to get this strip club directory website optimized for search engines. All of our pages are search engine optimized for Google, Bing, and other lesser used websites. Each page is constructed to be unique and targeted. You will get your very own venue page on our website along with links to tickets that can be purchased.

When a strip club ticket is purchased from our platform, you will receive a notification with the date and what package was purchased to the email address of your choosing. We are visited by thousands of people looking to purchase tickets to strip clubs each day. Our goal is to bring more strip club customers to you and help those customers find great deals at the best clubs.

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